Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"C" is for Credulous

I pulled a really good April Fools joke on John last week.  A couple hours after we'd eaten lunch together on Friday, I got an email from our friend, Ben, with several funny ideas for pranks to pull relating to the baby.  I set a plan into action late that afternoon by leaving a note on John's car at his office.   Then I headed home to wait to make the phone call to falsely tell him I was in labor.  At 9+ months pregnant, John knew I could go into labor at any moment, so I was fairly confident he would go for it.  I've had lots of irregular contractions, so I opted to tell him my water broke instead.  It was hard to lie to him, and he sensed the unease in my voice over the phone but mistook my uneasiness for real concern that something was happening.  I was hoping he'd tell his co-workers it was "go time," but he quietly left the office and called me again when he got in the car.  I could tell he didn't know it was a joke, so I didn't want to ruin it just yet.  I asked him if he'd gotten my message, and that's when he saw the note on the windshield.  He told me I was sweet for leaving what he thought was a love note, and we hung up.  When he called back less than 20 seconds later, I knew he had grabbed the note at the next stoplight and read my message that said, "APRIL FOOLS! I'm not in labor."  He said I got him good.  I'm hoping he doesn't get any crazy ideas for paybacks any time soon!

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  1. :) How did I miss this?! I hope he didn't think you were crying wolf when the real deal happened! You're on my mind today! Congratulations, Ashley and John!


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