Thursday, March 17, 2011

"C" is for Convex (cont.)

I'm nine months pregnant, so it's time for another belly pic update! 

I wish nine months pregnant meant the baby was about to make his debut, but it's looking like he's happy in his home for now.  Without going into the details, my certified nurse midwife expects I will carry to full term, which is 10 months.  [Note to other moms-to-be: No matter how important you think your cervix stats are, very few people want to read about them online, especially on your blog or as a Facebook status update.]  Besides being significantly larger around the midsection, I'm not feeling much different than I did at seven or eight months, so I'm mentally prepared for another 4+ weeks of toting him around.  I also have a huge project due at work April 1, so I told Tully if he stays put for at least the next couple weeks, I'll let him stay up past his bedtime one night or buy him a new toy.  We'll see if he goes for it.

Tully spends most of his time stretching, punching, kicking, and hiccuping, so he's a very busy boy.  He especially likes to do these activities when it's time for bed or while I'm writing my paper for work, which is due April 1.  (Did I mention that already?  It really has me stressed...ugh!)

Outside of work, John and I have been busy attending childbirth classes, going to doctor appointments, and preparing the house for the baby's arrival.  I'm very happy that we changed from my original doctor to the certified nurse midwife, Kim.  I feel really comfortable at our appointments, and we had a chance to visit both hospitals where Kim delivers.  Based on our visits, the decision to deliver at St. Francis South was an easy one.  They don't really have a nursery where they keep the babies, so it's pretty much a given that the baby will room in with you, unless you call the nurses.  Also, they were able to walk us through a typical labor and delivery in their hospital without saying things like, "Once you get here, you'll pretty much be hooked up to everything while you're in bed," or, "When you get your epidural..."  So I feel like we can easily follow our birth plan with their support and resort to Plan B (or C...or D), if needed.

Tully's room is almost finished, and although I'm sure most boys don't have chandeliers hanging from their ceilings or in their armoires, I think it turned out beautifully.  I figured by the time he has an opinion, we'll be moving on to a big boy bed and redecorating anyway, and I'm the one who has to look at it every day until then.  I didn't have a theme per se, so there's a crazy mix of stripes, plaid, dots, gingham, and paisley prints with celery green, aqua, slate blue, black, cream, and pewter.  Basically, if I saw something I liked, I bought it and made it work in the room.

Tully's room
Crib detail.  Love, love love.
My rocker/glider.  I've already fallen asleep in it once.  It. is. glorious.

Chair detail.
Gutter bookshelves.  Thanks to our family and friends for filling them with books!
I got the idea for gutter bookshelves from another blog I follow, A Teacher at Heart, and the step-by-step tutorial can be found at Raising Olives.  We bought a gutter at Lowe's, cut it to the sizes we needed, and painted it green to add some color to the room.  Sadly, we didn't use a primer coat, so the paint comes off really easily.  I'm sure we'll be sanding and painting them again soon, but they work for now.  Lesson learned.

The artwork in Tully's room, which I absolutely adore, is from Mary Jack Studios.  The canvas prints have hand embellishments, which show up better on their website than in any photos I took.  Click the images or links below the images for details.

The Tree

My favorite helper decided to join me for the nursery photo shoot too.  He actually posed like this on his own, perky ears and all.

On the nanny front, we found a good match for our family and hope to have the contract signed in the next couple weeks.  We're planning for her to start in June while I'm still on maternity leave, and I'm really excited to see if working at home with a full-time nanny turns out OK when I go back to work in July.

Stay tuned for next month's update.  It's either going to have a photo of me with a HUGE belly or pictures of Tully from the hospital.    His official due date is April 11.  Any guesses on what date he'll arrive?! 

8/26/11 update: Since I have all of Tully's nursery photos in this post, I thought I should add this one.



  1. Love the room! Especially the chandelier!

    Sadly, we won't be in Dallas when you are here in May, but hopefully you'll be back soon and we can meet Tully then.

    On an unrelated note, we almost ventured to Tulsa tomorrow, but decided against it :(

  2. I LOVE THE BOOKSHELVES!! My guess is April 15 :) You did a great job in the room...want to come do mine next?

  3. The room is beyond fabulous!!! I love the colors, the details-everything!

  4. May 7th so I'll remember his birthday without writing it down! Love the room! Can't wait to come visit and meet lil Tully :)

  5. The nursery is just adorable! The crib, bedding, and chair are fabulous!! The full 10 months seems like such a long time, but hopefully you can get your work project out of the way! haha!

  6. What a fun time shopping with you over these past few months and now it is great to see it all pull together! I am so glad the room is ready for little Tully to arrive... that is one thing you won't have to stress about! ... 3 weeks is not that far away. Funny how Zachry always gravitates to that black rug.

  7. Beautiful! Can't wait to meet him! I'll guess 4-4, or how about 4-2 the day after your paper is due! :) Good luck!!


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