Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"C" is for Compression (cont.)

Last week I had my second prenatal massage at the Skin Care Institute.  As I mentioned in a previous post, Paul, the Ukrainian masseuse, does an awesome job.  I think I walked out with a full spine realignment this time, which was a relief, since I'm carrying a little extra in the front at 8 months pregnant.  The day after my massage I felt like I'd done a P90X workout.  Maybe I'm crazy for liking deep tissue massages, but the Swedish or regular ones just don't cut it.  What's weird is that even though the massage was intense, I still found myself drifting off to sleep and drooling.  My next massage is scheduled for later in March, and I cannot wait.

Oh, and in other random news, John and his dad fixed the dryer a couple weekends ago.  (Thanks, guys!) The vent line does some crazy turns behind the washer and dryer, and what looked to only be a small amount of lint build-up was actually limiting the airflow enough to cause the gas to turn off.  So it appears every three years or so we'll have to clean out the area of the vent line where it makes 90-degree turns.  At least it turned out to be a $5 fix and not a $500 fix.

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  1. With the new baby coming... you will be doing a lot more laundry, so I would check that vent line sooner! LOL


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