Friday, March 4, 2011

"C" is for Clean

I'm in nesting mode, so my theme today is clean--clean house inside and clean yard outside.  First for the inside.  I decided to wash my sheets, duvet, duvet cover, pillows, pillow covers, and mattress pad.  The sheets get washed weekly, but after seeing the cheese prank on Jersey Shore last night (video clip here), I figured I'd go all out.

Now onto the outside.  In 2009 we found a local service, Tulsa Clean Paw, to pick up the dog waste in our yard.  The guy showed up every week, and I didn't have to pick up poo, which was awesome.  Then out of nowhere, he stopped coming.  We had some crazy weather in January, so I thought he was just waiting until the snow melted, but several weeks went by, and the poo continued to pile up.  Literally.  When I called, the phone line was no longer working, and now the website is down.  Thanks for telling me you were going out of business.  So I found a couple other local companies that provide the same service and had them stop by for estimates.  We have Zach trained to only make messes along one side of the house, so I always ask for a discount, since they don't have to pick up the whole yard.  Doody Free Tulsa gave me a great deal ($3 off per pick up), and they do email invoicing.  I can't stand snail mail for bills, so this is really nice.  If you are looking for a dog waste service in the Tulsa area, I highly recommend contacting Doody Free Tulsa.

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  1. You are so efficient! You'd be a great negotiator shopping here in China!!!


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