Thursday, July 22, 2010

"C" is for Calls

Somehow I got on the calling list for solicitations from LOOKS Health and Wellness.  I remember getting my hair cut at LOOKS Salon last year, so I guess they shared my info with their Health and Wellness center.  Anywho, LOOKS H&W keeps bugging me about buying their weight loss program, which is starting to feel insulting.

LOOKS: "Really?! You don't want to lose weight?"
Me: "Um, no...I mentioned I didn't the first three times you called."

It's not like I'm a size 0 or anything, but I feel pretty good about my body.  I mean, yes, I'm guilty of smushing my thighs back where you can't see the sides in the mirror and thinking, "Now THIS would look great!" but I'm pretty sure a balanced diet and regular exercise are my best bets for maintaining a healthy weight. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"C" is for Ceramic

I like to hang save-a-dates and baby announcements on our refrigerator, but the magnets we had were never strong enough to hold the heavy paper or photos.  I knew I could find "industrial" ones to do the job, so I stopped by Lowe's to pick up a package of ceramic magnets over the weekend.

These magnets are strong!  They go flying across the counter to stick to each other, and they are definitely not going to fall off my refrigerator.  They aren't the prettiest things I've ever seen, but they do serve a purpose.  Maybe I'll glue some cute buttons to the front, so they don't look so plain.  Here's the progress I've made so far.  I need to add a few more save-a-dates, but you get the idea. 

On a different note, I put the flowers John brought me home yesterday in a ceramic vase.  It's actually a ceramic pitcher, but I thought it made a pretty vase with a country feel.  It totally made my day when he came home with these.  I'm not a big flower person, but it's always a nice surprise when I do get them.  The yellow roses look great in the kitchen, and they make me think of Texas!

Friday, July 16, 2010

"C" is for Camera

We got a new camera!  It's the Canon EOS Rebel T2i.

Since neither John nor I know anything about digital SLRs, bear with us while we learn the ropes.  Below are some of the first photos we took.  Zach and Logan were troopers for the endless photo shoots.  I thought the continuous shooting feature would be really useful, but I realize now that it causes me to spend hours debating which photo turned out best when they all look the same. Also, my apologies in advance for almost every photo being so close.  We're limited by the 18-55mm lens that came with the camera.  The 55-250mm lens is on the way, and we'll take some photos that aren't at our house!

Ants in the backyard

The frog that holds the sponges in the kitchen

John's creepy stalker pic of the neighbor's house at night.  Pretty good for pitch black outside.

Monday, July 12, 2010

"C" is for Cough

I've been on the road these past few weeks, hence my lack of blogging.  About 24 hours after I returned from my trip to Chattanooga, I took off for Kansas City.  While I was in Kansas City doing inspection accompaniments I caught a nasty virus.  After being rejected from the CVS minute clinic, I visited an urgent care center where they assured me I did not have meningitis.  The crazy CVS lady got me all worked up over nothing.  whew!

I made it back from Kansas City to join John for a road trip to Lake LBJ to visit his family for the Fourth of July weekend.  We had a great time relaxing at the lake, and our pups showed off their new found swimming skills.   Usually they just run around in the shallow water barking and chasing things.  This time they actually went into the deep water to fetch the ball.  The lab in them is finally coming out!  John's parent's have these fake ducks that we use to tie to when we're floating.  Logan got tangled in the ducks, and it was quite a sight to see him thrashing and growling at them.  John and I spent most of our time napping/reading on the patio.  The Benadryl I was taking made me do more napping than reading.  Here are some photos from the weekend:
 The Cockerhams

The two flags on the right are my favorites.

Paul and Kendall went out to dinner to celebrate their three year anniversary.
Zach showed Sara his lipstick.

Lisa and Kevin are expecting a baby girl in a couple months!

Logan and Zach had a great weekend.

Sara and Matt leaving the lake.

John and I headed back to OK. (Go Team Stevie!)

This is what it looks like when we travel.

About 12 hours after we got back from Lake LBJ, I headed to DC for work.  I had a good time catching up with old friends over dinner a couple of the nights I was in town.  My week absolutely flew by because I was so busy in the office, which was good because I didn't have much time to think about how sick I was feeling. I think my cough actually got worse while I was in DC.

So I finally made it back to Tulsa last Friday.  John and I spent some quality time out at Fleming's for dinner (with my oh-so-annoying cough), and we took it easy on Saturday hanging out on our patio.  Saturday night we went to the theater to see Despicable Me in 3D.  The movie was cute, and I was impressed with the 3D part.  John was not impressed that my cough went to the theater with us.  If it doesn't go away soon, I might have to make another visit to the doctor.
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