Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"C" is for Ceramic

I like to hang save-a-dates and baby announcements on our refrigerator, but the magnets we had were never strong enough to hold the heavy paper or photos.  I knew I could find "industrial" ones to do the job, so I stopped by Lowe's to pick up a package of ceramic magnets over the weekend.

These magnets are strong!  They go flying across the counter to stick to each other, and they are definitely not going to fall off my refrigerator.  They aren't the prettiest things I've ever seen, but they do serve a purpose.  Maybe I'll glue some cute buttons to the front, so they don't look so plain.  Here's the progress I've made so far.  I need to add a few more save-a-dates, but you get the idea. 

On a different note, I put the flowers John brought me home yesterday in a ceramic vase.  It's actually a ceramic pitcher, but I thought it made a pretty vase with a country feel.  It totally made my day when he came home with these.  I'm not a big flower person, but it's always a nice surprise when I do get them.  The yellow roses look great in the kitchen, and they make me think of Texas!

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