Friday, May 21, 2010

"C" is for Crowder

This week I learned that one of my dear friends, Stevie Crowder Patrick, was diagnosed with brain cancer. Although this is shocking news, Stevie and her family have remained positive and plan to fight this cancer head on...literally.  Surgery is scheduled at MD Anderson on Monday, May 24, and will be followed by radiation therapy and chemotherapy.  I know her battle will be tough, but Stevie has a very bright future in store!

God is doing amazing things in Stevie's life, and she is a strong witness to those around her.  Stevie's friends and family have rallied around her in prayer, and the family is keeping everyone updated with a blog,  I encourage you to visit the blog to follow Stevie's journey.

I know not everyone who reads my blog knows Stevie personally, so I thought I would share a few stories and pics to give you a glimpse into this amazing woman's life.  "Bubbly" is a fitting word to describe Stevie--all they way from her crazy, curly hair (which she grows out and donates for wigs regularly) to her over-the-top, yet amazingly genuine personality. Stevie is an exuberant person, and she has a drive for success like no one else I know.  Her success is reflected in her business, Texas Boot Camp, LLC.  Her spirit is infectious, and her passion for God is unmatched.  She is strong mentally and physically, as a personal trainer, and is an inspiration to everyone she meets.

1999 CHS Junior Prom: Mindi, Amanda, Stevie, Ashley, Brooke

2001: Shopping for dresses for Rush.  I think the criteria at Baylor was that the dress be knee length or longer and have sleeves.  (I don't think the criteria was sleeves with fur.)

Christmas Break 2001: Ash, Stevie, Mindi
2005: Bridal Shower for Stevie

2005:Stevie getting ready on her big day.  Love the boots!

2007 Clint Martin's wedding: John, Ashley, Stevie (with straight hair!)

In 2008, I asked Stevie if she would take part in my wedding and to read scripture.  I wanted it to be more than just scripture though, and Stevie stepped up to the plate and became an integral part of our wedding day.  During one of our pre-wedding sessions with our pastor, I gave him the outline for our ceremony, and he joked that we didn't need him because we had Stevie.  She did an amazing job speaking to us about God's plans and expectations for our marriage, and I know she touched the lives of all who attended our wedding.

2009: Me and Stevie on my wedding day!
2009: Stevie speaking and reading scripture at my wedding (far right)

I also have fond memories with Stevie from our high school days on the basketball team.  I won't go into details, but we went from starters to bench warmers in four years.  Yes, you read that right...starters freshman year --> bench warmers senior year.  The trials and tribulations of high school basketball only made us closer, and I'm positive we were the best cheerleaders the CHS girls basketball team had ever seen.  All those years in youth center and middle school cheer paid off my senior year of high school, even if we were wearing basketball shorts instead of skirts.

I hope I've given everyone a peek into the incredible world of Stevie.  I have great memories with her, and I know there many, many more to come.  Please join in prayer as we ride with Stevie on this rollercoaster called life.

Monday, May 17, 2010

"C" is for Canines

On Saturday Zachry and Logan celebrated their second birthdays.  Well, I wouldn't really call it a celebration, and it's a made up birthday, since they're rescue dogs, but I digress...We jogged at the neighborhood park, and the boys spent the rest of day napping and chewing on their favorite toys and treats while I rearranged all of the furniture in the house and did some cleaning.

Nap time on the cool tile
(Z left, L right)

I think these photos capture the pups' personalities perfectly.

May 2010
Logan aka Logie, LogieBear: super smart; sweet; eager to please; scared of loud noises, moving objects, strangers, and life in general. (we're working on the latter)

May 2010
Zachry aka Zach, ZachZach, Bean Head, Beaner: energetic, confident, likes to sit in laps, ornery.

In the photo above Zach is laying on top of Logie's favorite toy, the squeaky donut.  My mom purchased four of the seven dog toys we have here at the house.  If I put all of the toys in the basket, they will take out the ones my mom bought every time.  It cracks me up.  Zach's all time favorite toy was a deer antler he found on my parents' land.  He's always been our little scavenger.  Logie is a scavenger too, but he likes to roll on the things he finds, especially dead things, whereas Zach prefers to bring them back to the house.  Silly pups.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the past couple years.

Adoption photo: Summer 2008
(Z left, L right)
Their names were originally Chuck and Norris.

Visitation day: November 2008
(L left, Z right)
We were supposed to choose one after the visitation day.  It was clear to me they couldn't be separated.  John was in San Antonio on business, and I flew to SA after spending the day with the pups.  Needless to say, I convinced him we needed both dogs, and I picked them up when I returned.

Christmas 2008
(Z left, L right)

St. Patrick's Day 2009

April 2009

Watching John leave for work: June 2009
(L left, Z right)

November 2009
(Z left, L right)

Zachry & Logan have come a long way from their days on the streets.  They completed training at Companion Dog School of Tulsa in 2009, so they're excellent at sitting, staying, and laying down.  Both of them are really good at walking on a loose leash too.  We actually take Zach out on walks without a leash sometimes.  (Logan would be fine off leash too, but Zach + Logan + no leashes = play time!) They're well-behaved and quiet, except when someone comes to the door or walks by the house OR they think someone might be at the door or walking by the house.  (They're the best two guard dogs I never asked for.)  We've been working on proper greetings for house guests.  Zach has the no barking thing down, but I can't keep his nose out of other people's "personal" spaces.  Logan's usually hiding in his crate or on his bed, so that's a non-issue with him.  Hopefully one day he'll realize the boogie man is not coming to our house to get him.  Poor Logie!

I've learned a lot from Zachry & Logan--mainly patience and the fact that I will NEVER have a clean house, but they're sweet boys, and John and I are lucky they found us.  To read more about their rescue story, click here.

Monday, May 10, 2010

"C" is for Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal

I'm on a kick with the food processor lately, so here is the recipe I made for breakfast twice last week.

Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal

Makes 2 servings.
Prep time: 3 minutes.
Cook time: 2 minutes.

  • Quaker Quick Oats
  • 1 apple
  • cinnamon
  • sugar
Note: I use Quick Oats because they're quick.  Consider using steel cut, old fashioned, or any other kind of oatmeal.

  1. Cook oats in microwave according to package directions for 2 servings.  (I use all milk, no water.)
  2. Slice apple and remove core. (I use an easy grip apple divider
  3. Use food processor or finely chop half of the apple slices.
  4. Add chopped apples, cinnamon, and sugar to oatmeal and stir.  Place larger apple slices on top.

Friday, May 7, 2010

"C" is for Colors

Back in 2008 John and I joined a recreational kickball team in an effort to meet more people in Tulsa. Little did we know that five seasons later John would be the captain and I would be the "team mom" for the Dead Horses. (You can't beat a dead horse, right?!) 

For those unfamiliar with kickball, picture a bunch of 20, 30, and even a few 40-somethings kicking a big red ball around a baseball field while drinking beer.  Although our team will never visit the World Adult Kickball Association (WAKA) national championships in Vegas, I'm pretty sure we're national champs at drinking and #1 in the Lightning Division for team spirit.

Jean Shorts Night Spring 2009

Emo Night Spring 2009

Snuggie Night Fall 2009

End of Year Party 2009

John and I looking H.O.T. for the Party

Flip Cup Competition

Since spring 2010 marked the second season in a row having white shirts, the team decided have another party--this time to tie dye those plain white t's...

...and play beer pong, of course.

The next day John and I took the dyed shirts to the laundromat.  We used the washers on the opposite side of the facility from the attendant.  I was SO nervous we were going to get kicked out.  I'm pretty sure anything that requires gloves to put in the washer is off limits at a public laundromat, but we made it in and out with no problems.

Here are the very colorful finished products.  They turned out great!

Spring 2010

Monday, May 3, 2010

"C" is for Clutter

Get excited--I'm back on the ""C" is for..." wagon. This past weekend we decluttered the house and participated in the neighborhood garage sale.  It was a HUGE success!  We sold the Explorer and John's big brown couches almost immediately.

Selling the Explorer was the most exciting part of the day.  A 15½-year old girl found one of my formal beaded gowns, and we let her try it on before buying it.  While she was inside, her dad talked to John about buying the Explorer.  She was so excited about the dress, she didnt' realize her dad had purchased the car until she was waiting for him at the end of our driveway.  Once it hit her, she was SO happy.  She ran up and gave her dad a huge hug and said thank you.  She had the biggest smile on her face.  She's in the color guard at high school, so the Explorer is perfect for hauling her flags. 

(Note: This is not the guy who bought the car.)

In addition to my mom making the garage sale possible by helping with setup, pricing, and sales, we had two other helpers, Logan and Zachry.

We only had one small scare with the money.  Near the end of the day I counted up the cash and stuffed it in a shelf in the garage behind the checkout table.  There were multiple paint trays on the shelf, and when I went back to get the money I looked under the wrong paint tray.  My mom, John, and I all frantically looked for the money only to find it right where I left it, hidden on the bottom shelf.  Whew!

We shut down a little early that afternoon to inventory the remaining items.  Next we'll donate everything that's left to Domestic Violence Intervention Services, Inc. (DVIS).  DVIS provides support for survivors of domestic and sexual violence in the Tulsa community.

I think a lot of good came out of the garage sale: we got rid of a lot of stuff; a very sweet girl got a new dress and car; and we will be able to donate back to the community through DVIS.

A huge thank you to my mom and John for all their help with the sale.
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