Monday, May 17, 2010

"C" is for Canines

On Saturday Zachry and Logan celebrated their second birthdays.  Well, I wouldn't really call it a celebration, and it's a made up birthday, since they're rescue dogs, but I digress...We jogged at the neighborhood park, and the boys spent the rest of day napping and chewing on their favorite toys and treats while I rearranged all of the furniture in the house and did some cleaning.

Nap time on the cool tile
(Z left, L right)

I think these photos capture the pups' personalities perfectly.

May 2010
Logan aka Logie, LogieBear: super smart; sweet; eager to please; scared of loud noises, moving objects, strangers, and life in general. (we're working on the latter)

May 2010
Zachry aka Zach, ZachZach, Bean Head, Beaner: energetic, confident, likes to sit in laps, ornery.

In the photo above Zach is laying on top of Logie's favorite toy, the squeaky donut.  My mom purchased four of the seven dog toys we have here at the house.  If I put all of the toys in the basket, they will take out the ones my mom bought every time.  It cracks me up.  Zach's all time favorite toy was a deer antler he found on my parents' land.  He's always been our little scavenger.  Logie is a scavenger too, but he likes to roll on the things he finds, especially dead things, whereas Zach prefers to bring them back to the house.  Silly pups.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the past couple years.

Adoption photo: Summer 2008
(Z left, L right)
Their names were originally Chuck and Norris.

Visitation day: November 2008
(L left, Z right)
We were supposed to choose one after the visitation day.  It was clear to me they couldn't be separated.  John was in San Antonio on business, and I flew to SA after spending the day with the pups.  Needless to say, I convinced him we needed both dogs, and I picked them up when I returned.

Christmas 2008
(Z left, L right)

St. Patrick's Day 2009

April 2009

Watching John leave for work: June 2009
(L left, Z right)

November 2009
(Z left, L right)

Zachry & Logan have come a long way from their days on the streets.  They completed training at Companion Dog School of Tulsa in 2009, so they're excellent at sitting, staying, and laying down.  Both of them are really good at walking on a loose leash too.  We actually take Zach out on walks without a leash sometimes.  (Logan would be fine off leash too, but Zach + Logan + no leashes = play time!) They're well-behaved and quiet, except when someone comes to the door or walks by the house OR they think someone might be at the door or walking by the house.  (They're the best two guard dogs I never asked for.)  We've been working on proper greetings for house guests.  Zach has the no barking thing down, but I can't keep his nose out of other people's "personal" spaces.  Logan's usually hiding in his crate or on his bed, so that's a non-issue with him.  Hopefully one day he'll realize the boogie man is not coming to our house to get him.  Poor Logie!

I've learned a lot from Zachry & Logan--mainly patience and the fact that I will NEVER have a clean house, but they're sweet boys, and John and I are lucky they found us.  To read more about their rescue story, click here.

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