Friday, May 7, 2010

"C" is for Colors

Back in 2008 John and I joined a recreational kickball team in an effort to meet more people in Tulsa. Little did we know that five seasons later John would be the captain and I would be the "team mom" for the Dead Horses. (You can't beat a dead horse, right?!) 

For those unfamiliar with kickball, picture a bunch of 20, 30, and even a few 40-somethings kicking a big red ball around a baseball field while drinking beer.  Although our team will never visit the World Adult Kickball Association (WAKA) national championships in Vegas, I'm pretty sure we're national champs at drinking and #1 in the Lightning Division for team spirit.

Jean Shorts Night Spring 2009

Emo Night Spring 2009

Snuggie Night Fall 2009

End of Year Party 2009

John and I looking H.O.T. for the Party

Flip Cup Competition

Since spring 2010 marked the second season in a row having white shirts, the team decided have another party--this time to tie dye those plain white t's...

...and play beer pong, of course.

The next day John and I took the dyed shirts to the laundromat.  We used the washers on the opposite side of the facility from the attendant.  I was SO nervous we were going to get kicked out.  I'm pretty sure anything that requires gloves to put in the washer is off limits at a public laundromat, but we made it in and out with no problems.

Here are the very colorful finished products.  They turned out great!

Spring 2010

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