Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"C" is for Confusion

It's official.  I have "Mommy Brain."  I am constantly forgetting and confusing things.  I have to laugh at myself sometimes, as it is getting more ridiculous every day.  Here are a few examples.

MB Moments #1 and #2
I drove to the mall a couple weeks ago to exchange a few clothes for Tully that weren't the right size.  This was one of my few "alone" outings with Tully.  Usually I can talk my mom into going with me, which is super helpful.  So we get to the mall parking lot, and Tully decides he is hungry.  I nurse him in the back seat.  Twenty minutes later I unload the stroller, diaper bag, and Tully.  I get him strapped in the stroller and do a last minute check to make sure I have everything.  Diaper bag? Check.  Baby?  Check.  Water for me? Check.  Wallet? Check.  Cell phone? Check.  Diaper bag and baby?  Just making sure.  Then I look for the bag with the clothes I need to exchange.  I realize they are at home.  Ugh.  So I reload Tully, the diaper bag, and the stroller and head home.  I decided it wasn't worth another trip again that day.

Two weeks later.  Repeat.  I wish someone would have strapped the bag with returns to me, so I would have stopped forgetting it.  Luckily I had my mom with me the second time, so we did go back home and eventually made the exchanges.

MB Moment #3

Two days ago I had the great idea to download a book to listen to while I jogged, like a book on CD but on my iPhone.  I've been lacking motivation to get back out there, so this seemed like the ticket.  So I get on my iPhone and start browsing iTunes for good books.  I find one I like, and $10 and 10 seconds later it's on my phone.  Excellent.  I plug in my headphones, grab the dog leash, and quickly realize I just downloaded a book book, not an audio book.  What am I going to do? Read while I run?  Geez.

As a side note the book I downloaded is called "The Help" (coincidence? I think not.  I need help in more ways than one.)  I've been mostly reading it on John's iPad, since my iPhone screen is pretty small for reading.  It is an excellent book so far!

MB Moment #4
As a little back story for this one, "Nanny J" is helping us out with Tully in July while I'm back at work full-time.  She has to return to her regular teaching job in August, so we are looking for a long-term nanny and are setting up interviews this week.  This was part of my phone call with a potential new nanny yesterday.

ME: Can you come in for an interview one evening this week?
NANNY X: Sure.
ME: What is today?
NANNY X: Tuesday.
ME: And what day is good for you this week?
NANNY X: Thursday
ME: OK.  What time?  How about 6:30?
NANNY X: Sure.
ME: (to John in the kitchen) Can you be home before 6:30 tomorrow?
JOHN: Sure.
ME: (to Nanny X) OK.  Tomorrow at 6:30 is good for us.
NANNY X: Well, I have something Wednesday, so Thursday is better.
ME: No problem.  So tomorrow at 6:30?
NANNY X: Tomorrow is Wednesday.
ME: Ugh!  Sorry.

MB Moment #5
This morning.  This one takes the cake.

ME: (opening fridge, looking at empty spot where milk should be) Are we out of milk?
NANNY J: I don't think so.  You had a whole gallon on Monday or Tuesday.
ME: (peeking into recycle bin, seeing an old empty carton) How in the world did we finish a gallon of milk in a day or two?
NANNY J: (pointing to half full gallon of milk on kitchen counter) What about the milk you have out by the cereal box?
ME: Oh, the milk I got out and had ready to pour on my cereal?  Right.  Thanks.

John has confirmed that I do these types of things repeatedly throughout the day.  I can only imagine what my co-workers think when they talk to me on the phone or read my emails.  I am sure I don't even know my mistakes more than half of the time I am making them.  I am undoubtedly losing my mind.


  1. This is hilarious!! I'm not even going to tell you it gets better, because by the time you have more kids or your kids are grown, you'll think it is the norm! ...and then you'll be telling your kids "I'm not stupid, just wait, one day you'll understand!"

  2. You are too funny! Seriously I love it and I was laying on the couch cracking up reading your moments. :)

  3. This, I struggled with for about 12 months after- It did get better! But doing what I do, it made it tough, to stay on top of client appointment times, color formulas, etc.... but it does get better!

    Also, LOVE my audio books! What are you running these days????

  4. I wouldn't say I'm "running" anything these days, but I have been doing a little of the C25K program again. Nothing consistent. Nothing fast. Just grab my iPhone and the dog to get out of the house for 15-30 minutes when I can. I would LOVE to knock out a 5K this year, but I'm sure pretty I'd show up to the wrong location at the wrong time anyway.

  5. I'm seriously laughing out loud! I have gone to return something or to buy something with a list I had just made only to realize I left it at home! SO frustrating and I don't even have a good excuse like mommy brain! haha!


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