Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"C" is for Craft (Thanks)

A friend on Facebook posted this little project, and I thought it would be perfect for Tully's teachers at Lake Hills Montessori.  They have been fantastic to create work specifically for him, since he is younger than the two and three year olds, and they were great to talk with us about Tully's poor behavior (See "C" is for Conference) and work towards a solution.

Original link for this project on Pinterest here.

items needed:
  • 5x7 thanks a latte print
  • card stock
  • coffee sleeves
  • stapler
  • double sided tape
  • gift card from starbucks or other coffee house
  • twine
I needed six cards, so I wanted two printed per page.  I quickly created a collage on www.picmonkey.com and printed the image below.  (Double latte, anyone?  I'm so funny.)  I have a black and white laser printer, so I used orange card stock for color.

After trimming the edges with a paper cutter, I mostly followed the original directions, except I switched the last two steps, so I could staple the twine in place at the same time I attached the coffee sleeves to the paper.
  • trim the coffee sleeve to the appropriate width for your print cutting along the corrugated lines
  • place a piece of double sided tape to the very bottom of sleeve and attach to print
  • tie some fun twine around your gift
  • staple sides of the sleeve and twine
  • insert card
Ta da!


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