Monday, April 1, 2013

"C" is for Clare (2 mo)

Clare really likes blowing bubbles.  She also has pretty good head control now, and she loves to sleep on her tummy just like her brother did.  Back to sleep...blah, blah...I know, I know.  I also know my kids... Anywho, baby girl wakes up once a night around 3 am to nurse and goes right back to sleep.  This is new territory for me, as Tully was a terrible sleeper.  We've also ventured into new territory with cloth diapering.  I'm saving that for a whole new post.  Stay tuned.

Clare is still exclusively breast fed, and we've successfully battled through oversupply and thrush.  Ever seen gentian violet (GV)?  It's an all natural thrush treatment.  This is Clare after nursing.

It stains everything.  Tully found the bottle and opened it.  This was fun to explain to his teachers.

We tried other natural and prescription treatments, but nothing was getting rid of the thrush, so we tried GV.  It made a huge mess, but it provided immediate relief and eventually got rid of the thrush completely.  It will be our go-to remedy, if thrush comes back.
Clare is still tracking great for height and weight.  Here are her stats:

weight 13 lbs 1 oz (68%)
height 23.5 in (67%)
head 40 cm (78%)

Tully brought home a nasty cold/virus from school that he shared with the entire family.  This was the first day he was sick.  The kid doesn't sleep anywhere but in his bed.  He has NEVER fallen asleep on the couch.

Every single one of us, including my mom, got ear infections.  The kids took antibiotics, but since I already had thrush, they were off limits for me.  I ended up with a ruptured ear drum, which wasn't fun since I had partial hearing loss when it happened.  Even with antibiotics, Clare had to go in for a second sick appointment to start nebulizer treatments.  I snapped this pic of John taking care of her.

Once everyone recovered, we got out to enjoy the few inches of snow Tulsa got.  Tully loved his sled from Mamay, and Clare slept the entire time all bundled up under my jacket.  She could breathe.  I promise.

The weather warmed up some in March, so I took Clare out in the stroller on a nice day.  Tully was never a fan of being strapped in, so I wondered what Clare would think.  She enjoyed it!

After she spit up on that outfit, I changed her into a onesie her Aunt Lisa made.  I think Clare makes a pretty cute Raggedy Baby model.

I am definitely Clare's favorite person right now.  I think it has something to do with milk, so she gives me lots of smiles and laughs.  As she gets older and depends on me less, I know she will enjoy spending more time with her daddy.  Until then, I'm going hog all of her kisses and snuggles!


  1. OMG I don't even know where to begin...her cuteness or your ruptured eardrum or Tully with a purple leg?? I'm glad you guys are healthy, happy, surviving and loving those little ones! Who knew life could get this crazy right? And who knew this crazy could be this awesome!

    Love you guys! Thanks for the update!

  2. I give my lo a probiotic daily to help prevent thrush with us! He has got them (yeast infection) in the diaper area and that was a nightmare with the cloth diapers! So now I put stuff in my wash to prevent the yeast build up! Sprouts (if you have that grocery store) has great stuff for thrush (diaper and mouth ones)! My favorite to use on P is MotherLove diaper rash and thrush. Helps with all those rashes in the diapers area!

    1. I love the BioGaia drops for Clare's probiotic, and we use Motherlove Diaper Rash & Thrush cream too! My other favorite cream is Aden + Anais Soothing Ointment. It's not necessarily for thrush, but it's cloth diaper safe and can be used for lots of other things (on mom, baby, or toddler and is great for chapstick too).

      We have a Sprouts opening this summer just a few miles away. I'll have to check it out.


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