Monday, October 24, 2011

"C" is for Cycles and Crocheted Hats

My aunt and uncle drove in from Colorado last week, so they stopped by the house to meet Tully.  While they were visiting, we showed my aunt the new crocheted hats we got in for the little business venture my mom and I are doing to sell baby stuff.  I'm helping my mom out in my free time (ha!), so my dining room is serving as the inventory tagging space until we get everything set up.  Tully will probably kill me for this one day, but I think he makes a pretty cute girl.

Aunt B and Tully
We're also selling vintage pedal toys, so Tully gave the junior trike a test ride.  He is obsessed with watching the pedals.  Even when we take him off the trike, he finds it in the corner and inspects the pedals over and over again.  I can already hear him saying, "M-om (you know, the two syllable version), why did you put me on a PINK trike? And more importantly, why did you blast it all over the internet?!"  Sorry, baby, I loved watching your little legs kick with joy while you were riding it and just had to share.

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  1. Ha! I can imagine! Hubby is just fine with a little girl wearing blue, but heaven forbid I get something pink and put it on the babe if it's a boy.

    You'll have to send me a link to the shop so I can buy something once we know if Tuff is a boy or girl :)


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