Monday, October 31, 2011

"C" is for Coat Tree

A coat tree in the bathroom?  Why yes.  Doesn't everyone put their coats in the bathroom?

Tully is on the move army crawling, and it never fails that he heads straight for this coat rack in the corner of our entry hall.  I was putting away groceries today, and he made it from the middle of our living room to the coats in about three seconds flat.  I always know when he's about to get into something he shouldn't because he stops banging whatever it is that's OK to play with or stops babbling.  Instead of worrying about him pulling the coat rack on his head, I decided to move it to a room where I can close the door.  So, if you come to visit, you'll have a place to put your coat when while you use the restroom.   Genius.

P.S.  Check out John's furry weird hat on the top right of the rack.  This hat, complete with ear flaps, totally cracks me up but is super functional in the winter.  I'll have to remember to sneak a pic next time he wears it.


  1. Hey, if it works and keeps your kid safe, that's what matters most!

    When we looked at our house, we thought it was odd to have a door separating the living room/kitchen from the rest of the house. But now it totally makes sense and we're glad that whenever baby starts moving we can just shut a door :)

  2. keeps your kid safe is the most important thing..


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