Thursday, May 24, 2012

"C" is for Car Rides

I've probably mentioned before that Tully is pretty terrible in the car.  I think he gets bored.  It's a little better now that he is forward facing though.  He can watch DVDs, and I can tend to him much easier from the passenger seat.

I drove back from Dallas by myself not too long ago.  It was my first solo trip with Tully.  I OD'd on Xanax (jk) and hit the road.  I told myself repeatedly the worst thing he could do was fuss and cry, which is par for the course for him anyway.  He did pretty good.  I don't remember much fussing or crying, and he even did 15 minutes of this.

Now I know most kids sleep a lot on the car.  Not mine.  Those 15 minutes were glorious, and I'm glad I have photographic evidence.  Otherwise I don't think John would have believed me.

Lately Tully has almost seemed to enjoy the car.  We listen to a lot of BPM on XM.  Here is Tully feeling the beats.  The cute little head bob gets me every time.

Please ignore the chest clip hovering around his stomach area...I promise it was moved up before we hit the road.


  1. That video is adorable!!! He's got some moves!! lol!

  2. Oh how funny, I just saw this... he loves music and loves to dance! ... and he even gave us a few bars of singing!


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