Monday, June 4, 2012

"C" is for Chopsticks

Tully has eaten sushi with us a couple times, but we've always brought a few "safe" foods from home like beef, ham, or chicken and some fruit and veggies.  For our last sushi restaurant visit, we took Tully, his travel high chair, and a disposable safe foods.  He ate several pieces of edamame but wasn't too impressed with the avocado rolls.  The sticky rice was...well, sticky, and I don't think he liked that it stuck all over his face and fingers.  He was so distracted by the texture that he couldn't get to the part where he realized it was just rice and avocado.  He watched us with our chopsticks very closely, so John asked the waiter for another set.  Tully loves to mimic us, and he was a happy camper with his chopsticks.  I'm sure he'll be hitting up his own sushi happy hours before we know it!


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