Saturday, October 27, 2012

"C" is for Cut

I've been wanting to get Tully's hair cut for several months now.  He had these precious curls in the back though, so my mom and John always vetoed.  I thought the curls were cute too, but the rat's nest above them was more than I could handle.  Even when the area was brushed, it still looked like a fuzzy mess.  Tully doesn't exactly like it when we comb his hair...he'd rather do it himself, so I had a gut feeling he was going to HATE his first hair cut.  No amount of explaining or bribing was going to work, which meant we couldn't just pop in to Super Cuts.  I didn't want to be apologizing for his toddler tantrum.  A quick Google search led me to Kuts for Kids by Mr. Will at 81st & Lewis.  I found several reviews and blog posts that said there were tons of toys, if you had to wait, and that Mr. Will was fast and good at what he did.  Bonus? Three miles from our house.

Here was the starting point.  Taken last weekend.

We stopped by Kuts for Kids about 11:00 am today, and there were eight kids waiting.  Tully naps around noon.  Not happening.  So we went back around 4:00 pm, and not a single person was there.  Perfect.  We let Tully play while I snapped some "before" photos, and then Mr. Will strapped him in the tractor chair.  Tully screamed, turned red, kicked, and cried--snot and tears everywhere.  I have no idea how Mr. Will didn't cut his own fingers off with the thrashing around Tully was doing.  John jokingly said, "So I bet he's the first one that's acted like this..."  Mr. Will assured us he enjoyed what he did, and I was thankful I didn't feel guilty for having him cut my kid's hair.  Once the scissor cut was done, I got Tully to watch his favorite Supercats video on YouTube, and John stuffed his face with goldfish.  Cats + goldfish = happy Tully.  Mr. Will finished up with the trimmers while Tully sat quietly.  After a little touch of gel and a total of about five minutes in the chair, we were done.  Tully ran around the salon and happily played while I got some "after" shots.

And here's the tantrum in all it's glory in case you missed it.  Future wedding slide show worthy for sure.

 Hopefully Tully's next haircut won't be this traumatic, but at least he played before/after, sat quietly for part of it, and most importantly I wasn't that mom with that kid that everyone stared at in a public place.  Baby's first haircuts are $10, and the next ones will be $17.  Worth every dime.  We'll be back for sure.


  1. So cute!! It makes him look so big!

    Jay's first (and second and third) haircuts were terrible too! Finally, Daddy started taking him- and he hasn't shed ONE tear since! Weird...

    1. I might skip out on the next one ;) I definitely think he plays things up around me. He used to cry ONLY when I picked him up from school. After a couple weeks of daddy picking him up, he stopped. How is it daddies have the magic touch with toddlers?!

    2. Pretty sure it's not so much that daddies have the magic touch as it is that toddlers pull out the Oscar-worthy performances for mommies.

      He looks cute! BTW, W has a ton of hair and we have the rats nest issue in all its glory. Conditioning spray (detangler) is the only thing that keeps it from looking fuzzy and nasty (and prevents our twice-a-day hair combings from becoming disasters). Lots of the detanglers at Target and so forth leave a gummy residue and make things worse, but I love the one from Northern Essence (online only). Bonus: they have about a million fragrances you can choose from. Our favorite is called "monkey farts" (it's possible that it's our favorite just for the name). We're trying a new one from The Honest Company, though, because I got sick of paying for the super-expensive shipping from Northern Essence. I'll LYK how it goes!

  2. So cute! HE's smiling after, so it must not have been that bad! :)


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