Monday, March 29, 2010

"C" is for Christmas Lights

So it's almost April.  I know.  I can only imagine the conversation John had with our neighbor, who was planting flowers, as John was taking down our Christmas lights this weekend.  In our defense, I did notice the house down the street still had net lights on their shrubs.  (I took those down at our house weeks ago.)

The good news is our Christmas lights are now resting comfortably in a garage sale box.  Although LED lights are energy efficient, and a few people did knock on our door to ask where we bought them, I've decided the trend for 2010 will be standard, perfectly-spaced, warm white lights.  Hopefully we can put them up and take them down in the same year.   The other option is to tell our neighbors we're celebrating Jesus' birthday every day in 2011.

Happy Easter!

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