Sunday, August 8, 2010

"C" is for Competition

Some of the guys from the kickball team decided to join an indoor soccer league this summer. They're playing soccer under the Dead Horses name, but apparently kickball skills do not translate well into soccer.  The major difference is that there's no alcohol involved, and they spend way too much time running.  The guys forfeited the first soccer game three weeks ago because our kickball team was floating the river.  (Read about the float trip here.) The second game the score was 0-10.  The third game was also 0-10.  Thank goodness they stop keeping score after 10.



For a minute yesterday, I thought one of our guys had confused fĂștbol with American football.  I didn't get a photo of Ryan tackling the opponent, but this was his face about two seconds after. 

The opponent very obviously hit Ryan in the head with his fist, but the ref didn't call anything.  This wasn't the first time, and Ryan had had enough, hence the tackle.  Here's where the guy jumped up after being tackled and started swinging again.  Ryan and the rest of our team steered clear of his flailing arms while his teammate held him back.  We have no idea why the he was such a jerk--they were up 10+ goals.



John calls for a sub

I wish we were the home team
Sweaty boys after the game

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