Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"C" is for Capsized

We had a peaceful Labor Day weekend at Lake LBJ with John's parents. We also met up with with one of my friends from A&M, Graham.  He was staying at a nearby lake house with other Aggie friends, so we spent a day out on the boat with them.  Here are some of my favorite photos from the weekend. 

Zach has a tough life tanning and fishing.

John Deer visits the Cockerhams often.  He's very tame.

John surfing.

Graham surfing.

After doing some surfing, the weekend got really exciting.  A group of three people had turned over a seadoo, so we watched them for a while.  It was funny because they were yelling and screaming, so Nick waved because he thought they were having a good time.

Once Nick realized they were in distress, he hopped off the surfboard to rescue the girl who couldn't swim.  (She almost drowned him in the process.)  Another group on a seadoo and two other boats stopped to help/watch.  It was quite a sight, and I couldn't help but take some photos.

Attempt number ?? to upright the seadoo.

Nick rescuing girl.

Volunteer firefighters helped with the rescue too.  I've never seen anyone get on a boat like this.

Another fun part of the weekend was jumping off the bridge.

Graham                             John

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