Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"C" is for Cosmetics

I mentioned that Katie wrote stories on the contents of her purse and and cosmetic drawer in my previous post.  I thought it was really interesting to see, so here's a sneak peek into my makeup bag.

I love my Mary Kay foundation: coverage when I need it but doesn't look like caked-on makeup.  Studio Gear isn't my favorite concealer or powder, but I'm trying to use it up before I go back to my Mary Kay staples.  I think the concealer makes my mascara run.  (If that's possible.)  I do like the Studio Gear brushes though.  A+ for those.  I despise my mascara.  Merle Norman changed the formula and brush this year, and I cannot figure out why I continue to use it.  It's smudgy and smeary after only a few hours of wear, and it doesn't lengthen or plump any more.  In any case, I need a new mascara recommendation.  Criteria: thickening, lengthening, prefer non-waterproof, NO flaking, NO smudging. 

What do you use to "put your face on" every day?


  1. MK timewise cleanser & moisturizer
    MK foundation
    MK love lash mascara
    MK eye primer
    MK mineral eye color fav - lemongrass
    MK mineral blush - shy blush
    Walgreens brow liner
    Buxom lip polish - candy
    - Kelly, Texas : )

  2. Ah! Nutmeg is my favorite MK blush. After they discontinued it, I found a representative that had a bunch left and bought all of them from her. I'm on my last one. :(

  3. Nutmeg! Wow that's been gone a long while. You know I can send you new samples? :) Allison Orr

  4. I use Neutrogena Healthy Volume mascara. Haven't used waterproof but I've been happy with the regular. Here's a review of waterproof:

    I'm pretty particular about mascara's, too!


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