Monday, August 22, 2011

"C" is for Chelonian Part II

Zach is definitely the little scavenger--he put a present on our porch this morning.

Boy was he proud of his turtle!
Zoomed in--right by his foot.

My mom posted about his turtle friend at her house last week (story here), but this week he found a turtle in our back yard.

It was just a little one, and I'm pretty sure half of his shell is missing on the bottom.  Aren't they supposed to close up around their feet and head?  When Nanna got here this morning, Zach tried to bring it inside to show her his new prize.  Ew!!  Not in my house.

In any case, since Zach could easily get to his skin, so we told him to "leave it."  He sat right there by Mr. Turtle without touching it the rest of the morning.  But every time he goes outside, he tries to sniff it out.  I've notice he's been sidetracked with the bunny that lives under our play set and the squirrels along the fence and trees though.  Poor Zach has been running around the yard all day frantically sniffing for all three critters at the same time!


  1. Love it!!! Definitely a million times better than the dead squirrel "treat" my dog brought me when he was a puppy!!!

  2. OMG that is hilarious! He is a turtle hunting dog!!! Wonder if he would do the same thing with armadillos???? I sure have a slew I would love for him to find! I'm guessing that turtle is just a different species... yes, it is open more underneath than the one he found at my house, but I bet it's okay.


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