Monday, August 8, 2011

"C" is for Carryall

I've been lacking blog motivation lately, but my bloggy friend, Katie, did a couple posts this past week that totally cracked me up.  First she did Take a Look Inside My Bag.  Next was her makeup drawer.  I loved seeing what she had, so here's my purse! 

From top to bottom, left to right (sorta):
  • fuzzy bee book
  • diapers
  • sling
  • boudreaux's butt paste
  • hand sanitizer
  • my wallet
  • extra romper
  • sunglasses
  • pencil
  • peppermint wrapper
  • old grocery list
  • wipes
 Tully 6.  Ashley 6.  Pretty bad that the peppermint wrapper and old grocery list have to count to even things out.  Can you tell I'm a mom?!  At least I didn't have four pairs of glasses like Katie did.  I do love my aviators though.

So what's in your bag?


  1. First, love your bag! And I love seeing everything you have in it! So fun!!!

  2. I love seeing what people keep in their purses! I may have to copy you and Katie and do a post about this.


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