Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"C" is for Carrier

The Ergo Sport baby carrier is SO much more comfortable than the Baby Bjorn Synergy one.   Why didn't someone tell me this sooner?!

I've been wrecking my back muscles toting around Tully for 6 months in the Bjorn, even going so far as to visit the chiropractor for the pain.  Shoot me now.  The Bjorn is great as far as being hands-free goes, but I could only last about 30 minutes in it.  Obviously it was easier to use the Bjorn carrier than to carry him with my arms, but my back and shoulders seriously paid the price.

Tully in Baby Bjorn - 4 months
Enter the Ergo.  Last week a few moms were over for a kiddie play date, and I got to try out the Ergo Sport.  One word: heaven.  The weight that was previously on my back and shoulders in the Bjorn was now being distributed across my hips in the Ergo.  The difference was night and day.  I could tote Tully around for hours in the Ergo.  I had read reviews before but was afraid that Tully wouldn't like the Ergo because he couldn't face outwards like he can in the Bjorn.  The neat thing about the Ergo is that in addition to the inward-facing front carry, the baby can be carried backpack-style or on the hip, so Tully can see everything he's used to seeing from my hip.

We've tried the Ergo for a week now, and it's been hit or miss with Tully.  I think most of the "miss" was because he hasn't been feeling well and/or didn't like shopping at Target.  He was pretty fussy at Target when I used the hip carry.  If shopping was the issue, we've got a problem.  Who doesn't like shopping at Target?  Ugh.  Boys.  I did take him on a walk to the park backpack-style, and he really enjoyed it (read: we made it two laps AND around the neighborhood w/o a peep).  As a benchmark, if he's in the stroller, we're lucky to get one lap at the park.  Apparently there isn't enough to see at stroller-level.

Fabric-wise I like the Ergo better too.  It is cotton instead of mesh.  Ergo does make a Performance carrier that uses mesh, but it was more expensive and had more material overall.  I liked that the Sport was cotton, had a big breathing slit, and was less material.  Also, the Sport hood was removable, which made room for other items (e.g. keys, cell phone) in the pouch.

Another plus for the Ergo is that Tully's weight sits on his bottom instead of on his groin area.  When I would take him out of the Bjorn, his inner thighs and diaper area would all be red.  I don't think it was painful for him, but it might have become uncomfortable after a long period of time.  I don't see this being a problem in the Ergo.

There are only two downsides I can see for the Ergo.

1) It is probably best for a baby 5-6 months or older.  They need to be able to straddle your torso.  Ergo makes an infant insert, but I'm not sure this solves the straddling problem.  Maybe a newborn could tuck their legs up inside the carrier and not have them out at all?  I dunno.  I'd have to try it.

2) The Ergo is more difficult to put on with the baby.  The back carry was the hardest to put on, followed by the hip and then the front carry.  The hip and front carries aren't especially difficult to do, but the straps have to be moved into different configurations for each.  Also, I'm still getting used to the Ergo, so maybe putting it on will be easier in the future.  For the back carry, I really needed a second person to slip the baby down into the carrier after I got it partially on.

I ordered my Ergo Sport from Amazon on a Friday, and it showed up on Monday.  Looking now it was the same price direct from the Ergo website, but you'd have to pay shipping.  I'm a huge Amazon fan, and I like the one click shopping.  Precious seconds added to my day.  Free shipping with Amazon Mom is nice too.

John stole the carrier for a few minutes over the weekend, and I snapped this pic before he realized what I was doing and bolted out the door.  I will surely get a phone call as soon as this post hits his email inbox.  The Ergo did get daddy's stamp of approval over the Bjorn though.

Tully in Ergo Sport carrier - 7 months


  1. We have the infant insert for the ergo. The baby's bottom sits on the insert and their legs tuck up in the fetal position. However, jack preferred the moby rather than the ergo or bjorn when he was itty bitty.

  2. I'd love an Ergo, so pricey though! I use our Moby and a Seven Sling the most, and we have a hand-me-down Eddie Bauer one I use sometimes as well.

    Also, my husband would do the same thing and rush out of the room if he knew I was trying to catch him on photo with the baby carrier on!


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