Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"C" is for Connecting

The Blogivers

I'm connecting up today with Allison for "Way Back When-sday."  Her post testing out baby gear with her pup, Rocky, inspired this one.  Apparently we weren't alone when we tried to put our dog, Zach, in the stroller when I was pregnant with Tully.  Zach's game for just about anything and totally trusts us, but he thought getting in the stroller was just plain silly.  I'm not sure what the stroller weight limit is, but I can attest that it will hold up to 55 lbs.

Get me outta here, Dad!

And since I've really only been posting pics of Tully for the past seven months, I'll leave you with a few more shots of our favorite fur baby.
John and Zach hiking in TX - Jan 2011

Snowpocalypse - Feb 2011
Relaxing with Daddy and Tully - April 2011

Lounging at my parents' house - July 2011
July 2011


  1. He is a BEAUTIFUL dog! So glad we aren't the only ones who tested out baby gear on our dog :)

  2. Your dogs looks so much like ours! Love the pic in the stroller! What a sweet dog!

  3. I love i! Our dog is about 100 lbs so I don't think I'll be trying this soon, although it would be hilarious!

  4. I'm sure that sweet Zach was in my chaise lounge right after a dip in my pool... Grammy spoils him and Tully both!

  5. What a sweet dog! And a fun link up. :)

  6. The stroller pic is just hilarious! I forgot just how much he looks like our Jack! And the silhouette pic is just gorgeous!


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