Friday, August 3, 2012

"C" is for Confessions

This is my second post in the Wednesday Confessional series started by Courtney.  My first confession? I'm late for this week's confessions.

I brushed my teeth the other night before bed and then promptly went into the kitchen to make a bowl of cereal.  (Mommy brain?)  I had to brush them again.

I took a bunch of boxes out to the curb for trash pick up on Thursday night.  Trash pick up is on Monday.

I drove to the store to buy chicken (and chicken only) to make dinner, and I came home with chicken, chocolate hostess donuts, and a box of brownie mix.

I ate most of the bag of hostess donuts on the drive home.  The only thing that really stopped me from eating all of them was that they were melty and getting all over my fingers.

Tully's second day of school was terrible.  He cried when I left, cried when I got there, cried on the way home, and did the end of cry/hiccup like breath while sleeping when he got home.  World's worst mommy for sending him to school yesterday.  Poor, poor Tully Bear.

To add to Tully's already terrible second day of school, he had a major diaper blowout.  I failed to mention this to John the day it happened, and when I told him this morning, he said I HAD to put it in writing somewhere, so he could remember to tell Tully's future dates that he pooped his pants the second day of school.  John just got his first nomination for Daddy of the Year.

I had someone tell me today that I didn't have much of a baby bump and that it looked more like I had just eaten a cheeseburger.  Compliment or insult?  You decide.

I got a spam comment a day or so after lecturing everyone last week for having CAPTCHA enabled.  It was easy to delete, so I have not turned it back on, but can all say, "I told you so!" now.


  1. I seriously love these posts! I may need to join in the fun!

  2. Love this! I have a lot of pregnancy brain symptoms. If they hadn't started at 25, I'd worry that it meant something :) Usually when I go to the grocery store for basil, I end up buying tomato sauce, red wine, pasta and a loaf of bread.
    I don't even remember the drive home from work today! Where am I?

  3. poor Tully! I think you have the best reason to eat whatever you want!

  4. Ha!! Love reading these!!! I probably have a million confessions but wouldn't be able to remember any for a post. How's that for pregnancy brain? :) Show is your cute bump!!!

  5. I support chocolate donuts!! I buy salt and vinegar chips almost every grocery store trip to eat on my way home. Every trip deserves a reward especially if you're pregnant!!

  6. Um, Ok.

    1. Total compliment that you don't have a huge belly. At least I would take it as one. I mean, I practically handed out bottles of wine to any of the moms that commented about my small bump this go around. Weather they meant it or not, I held my head up higher as a result....all the way to Chick Fil A.

    2. Don't worry, mama, Tully will start to LOVE school. You are NOT (I repeat, NOT) a bad mom for taking him. The only way he will love it, is by going. It so hard for us to put our kiddos in situations that we know going in to are going to be a struggle, but he will love it. He will love playing with new friends, doing crafts and his teachers that will also love on him . It would be so much worse if you didn't take him thinking you were 'saving' him from some emotional trauma. I know you know all this; but even when I logically "know" something, it still helps when I hear it from another mom.

    3. The simple fact that you admitted on the google-webs that you nearly downed all those Hostess doughnuts? Well, that just makes me want to either give you a slow clap, or open mouth kiss you. Lets go for the slow clap a la John Hughes 80's movie since we haven't met face-to-face yet. But, I'm impressed.


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