Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"C" is for Child #2 (cont.)

John and I shared in June that we were expecting our second child (see "C" is for Child #2), and now we're happy to announce that the new little one is a girl!   
Marian Clare Cockerham should be here in time for Christmas.  She is named after her late paternal great grandmother, Mary Ann, and we both just liked the name Clare.  I didn't feel like there were a ton of names that went well with a three syllable first name, but Clare worked out perfectly for us.  She is doomed like her brother, John Tully, to be called a first name that she doesn't really go by at doctor's offices and schools for the rest of her life.  Sorry, Clare...mommy and daddy still love you.

I've already started on Clare's nursery, and although it is NOTHING like I originally planned, I'm still excited.  At first I wanted yellow/gray/cream, but I found bedding that is exactly like Tully's from the same local baby boutique, except it's pink, so I couldn't resist custom bedding that was also coordinated.  Here is a sneak peak of Clare bedding from the JBF consignment sale, along with all of Tully's clothes for the winter.  Her stuff is in the sack on the bottom of the rack.  We were almost half way done shopping at this point.  We had to move all of Tully's stuff to a bin and use the hanging rack to start all over for Clare.  Shopping for the two kids took my mom and me over 12 hours, but they're set for the next 6 months!!!

Finding Clare's bedding while consignment shopping also convinced me to reuse Tully's bedding and accessories in his big boy room instead of buying new things.  We moved Tully to his new room over the weekend, but I haven't done the finishing touches yet.  It's smaller than his old room, so I'm still shuffling furniture around and trying to hang things on the wall.  If I get really motivated I'll take pictures of everything to document on the blog.  I have a feeling that might go as well as my plans to start taking baby bump pics at 5 months too.  I think the bump pics are going to start at 6 months instead.  Better late than never, Miss Clare!


  1. Yea for a little girl!! What a sweet, sweet name you have picked out!! I'm a "go by my middle name" child...it can be annoying sometimes, but totally worth it for an adorable name! lol!!

  2. I love, love, love her sweet little name! So exciting! And I love that bedding, it is so sweet.

  3. Yay! Congratulations! I am so excited for you guys! And how fun that the bedding will coordinate - definitely fate :)! Love her name, too! So sweet! Can't wait to see more of her room!

  4. And, OMG, I just realized that the rack was all for Tully! Ha!! He is definitely set for the rest of the year!!! :) I bet you and your mom had a blast shopping!


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