Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"C" is for Confessions

The girl working the drive through at Braums is on to me.  I visited three times last week for a chocolate mix with oreos.  I'm thinking I should tell her I'm pregnant and that ice cream is high in calcium.

I've been coughing since June 20.  I thought it was a virus, since John got sick first, then Tully, then me.  John asked me last week, if I was ever going to stop coughing.  I should probably go to the doctor to confirm it's allergies and not some rare Canadian cough bug I picked up on vacation.

I set up my work laptop last week.  It took nearly seven hours and three restarts before it was fully updated and ready to run.   I am reminded why I absolutely despise PCs and Windows operating systems.

We had doors installed in my office, but they have semi-transparent glass.  I actually crawled on the floor to hide from Tully when I saw him walking toward the room one time.  I need to put up some curtains or shades, so he can't see in.

I had a complete meltdown last week when Medco charged me nearly $400 for prescriptions due to a mistake on the doctor's part.  First and last time I'll let them make that mistake.

Tully is doing well in school.  Drop offs are tearful for him, but he is recovering quickly and doing great in the classroom.  (He's even telling the teacher when his diaper is wet and actually sat on the potty yesterday!!) I jammed some Skrillex on BPM full blast when I dropped him off today.  Mommy freedom!

I got a notice in the mailbox where USPS tried to deliver a package, so I filled out the form and gave instructions to leave the package on the porch.  The mail man tried to deliver the package again, and instead of leaving it on the porch, left me a final notice.  I went to the post office and gave the lady working the counter a piece of my mind.  Obviously she's not a mail carrier and doesn't do routes, but I told her I wasn't happy to have to drive there to pick up the package when they should have left it at my house in the first place.  Recently I noticed there is highlighted text on the label with our names inside the mailbox that says "LEAVE PARCELS".  Guess someone relayed my message?


  1. Love the crawling on the floor thing- TOTALLY something I would do!!

  2. Seriously, I could not want Braum's more! I love their mix with sugar cone, shell chocolate and strawberries. Guess where I'll be tonight ;)!

  3. A cough since June 20th? Sheesh, no biggie!! I've had one since we left Beijing in 2008. Two pregnancies and another Olympics later and I'm all good!!! But really, go to the doctor. Luke (my hubs) calls my cough a beaconing device when we are in public.

    Congrats on the new "C" being a GIRL!!! I mean, I feel for wallet seeing that EV.ERY.THING girl is SO adorable you will most certainly go broke, but YEAH!! I have an older brother who is about the same age difference as your two and we are really, really close. "Naming our kids after each other" close....but also "tormented our parents close", so....good luck with that. :)


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