Monday, February 21, 2011

"C" is for Candles

My in-laws came to visit this past weekend.  I made dinner for everyone Thursday night and managed to burn my thumb with a flaming bag of shredded cheese.  My biggest fear while being pregnant is that I'm going to fall, cut off a finger, or injure myself in some way that requires a visit to the ER and major pain medication, which would be less than ideal for the baby.  The bag of cheese was accidentally set on top of the lit candle, and for some reason my instinct was to grab it.  Bad choice.  The plastic melted to my thumb, which was pretty gross, but it all eventually came off.  I kept it bandaged with Neosporin at night, so I just have a couple blisters now.

Thankfully there weren't any candles involved on Saturday when several of the ladies in my hometown and one of my dear friends from high school hosted a shower for baby Tully.  Below are a few of the photos.  I was overwhelmed by everyone's generosity.   Thank you to those who stopped by!

Several of the hosts.  Thanks, ladies!
My friend, Stevie, who also hosted.  Thanks, Stevie!
My mom and me
My MIL and one of the ladies from my hometown
Some of Tully's prezzies!
FOOD and a cute diaper cake!


  1. I love your dress! Where did you get it from?

  2. Thanks! It's from Ann Taylor Loft.

  3. You look so pretty! Those are adorable cookies too! I love how babies are spoiled even before they arrive! :)


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