Friday, February 11, 2011

"C" is for Conversation

I learned a new word today.

Pronunciation:  sŏm-nĭl'ə-kwē
Function: n
the act of talking in one's sleep

I always go to bed after John, and if I time it just right, he'll be awake enough to talk to me but asleep enough to have no idea what he's saying.  Usually he just mumbles incoherently, but last night we dialogued!  When I crawled into bed I really needed to ask him about the car situation for today.  One car has a clear pathway out of the garage, and the other car is completely blocked by a huge pile of shoveled snow.  I knew we would need to share the one car today, so I woke John up to ask him what time he was getting up the morning.  My plan was to take him to work and to keep the car.  He told me he was getting up at 6am.  I thought that was odd, so I asked why he was getting up at 6am, and he told me he had a duet...or a duel.  He wasn't sure.  When I inquired further, he "confirmed" it was a duet...with his piano 6am.  John doesn't have a piano teacher, and no one at our house gets up at 6am, especially on a Friday, so this totally cracked me up!  I hope to get more fun stories out of him in the future.

PS. I didn't hear anyone playing our piano at 6am this morning, so I guess he slept through his lesson. 
PPS.  Don't kill me for posting this, John!


  1. Ha ha...I love this! Shane does this too and I always get a good laugh out of it. So random the things that they come up with in their sleep!

  2. That made me belly laugh! John I love you... but that pile of snow has to go!

  3. That is hilarious!! My husband does that sometimes, but I never get actual words! haha! And we only have one side of the driveway cleared as well...kind of annoying! lol!

  4. Ha ha ha!!! I love when people do this! Ha ha ha!!


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