Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"C" is for Clogged Vent

I knew we wouldn't make it out of Snowpocolypse without some sort of house issue or appliance malfunction.  First it was the frozen water pipe scare.  Next? The dryer.

I did several loads of laundry over the weekend, but I noticed the sheets took to dry.  Then I washed Tully's first load of outfits one evening and woke up the next morning to a bunch of damp blue onesies in my dryer.  Grrrr.  I can't imagine the price someone would charge to come out to fix a dryer, so I was on a mission to fix it myself.

Step 1.  Make sure lint screen is clean.


Step 2.  Pull dryer away from wall to make sure vent, gas line, and power are all correctly connected.  I hooked the washer and dryer up when we moved into the house several years ago, so I actually knew what I was looking at.  (Go me!)  Lines looked good.

Step 3.  Call dad before taking anything apart.
Step 4.  Brainstorm possible problems.
Step 5.  Conclude that vent line may be blocked somewhere, since the dryer is still getting some heat, just not enough to dry anything.
Step 6.  Go outside to check vent outlet.
Step 7.  Find vent outlet COMPLETELY covered in 3+ feet of snow.  (Technically I had already dug out the area on the right where the vent was located when I took the photo, but you get the idea.  This whole area was solid snow when I started.)

Step 8.  Clear snow from area around vent.

See the little off-white vent under all those black and gray lines?  The individuals who designed and constructed our house need to have their heads examined.  I had to dig this area out by hand.

Step 9.  Play with dog in snow.  (Okay, so this step isn't really necessary, but my little helper was just dying to have some fun.)

Step 10.  Go back inside, restart dryer and check for high heat and lots of air flow.

Mission accomplished!  The dryer worked once and then quit again.  Boo.  I had this post typed-up and ready to publish, but unfortunately my dryer has decided it has bigger problems--something about the gas not staying lit.  I dunno.  John and my dad spent several hours reading manuals and testing out every possible problem.  The result?  I'll be hang drying clothes for a while...


  1. I'm impressed you had the wits to check all of that yourself. I could never do that!

  2. I'm definitely impressed with your dryer knowledge! I hate when appliances don't work! ugh! I LOVE the puppy cute! I need to film mine! AND I think you may be a genius for thinking to mix the roast and condiments at the same time! Glad you liked it though! :)


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