Thursday, February 17, 2011

"C" is for Cupid

Valentine's Day was fabulous and productive at the Cockerham household.  My day started off with breakfast in bed, which included oatmeal, oranges, and heart-shaped pancakes.  Yum!  I got full pretty quickly, so a couple of the pancakes got stashed in the orange bowl until lunch.  I also got a very sweet card, a new plant (lilies!), and more of my favorite Godiva dark chocolate mix.

I gave John a new Canon 50 mm f/1.8 lens for the DSLR camera, so hopefully we'll be able to post even better photos in the future.  This lens is seriously awesome and totally affordable in comparison to other lenses.  It mimics the field of the human eye and can make people feel like they're "in" the moment.  It's great for portraits, candids and low-light situations.  I originally took my 8-month pregnancy update photo with the 50 mm lens, but since it has a fixed focal length, I couldn't stand in the right place, which made the shot look too different (i.e. made me look too LARGE) when compared to the other baby bump pics I had taken.  I was actually standing several feet back from where I usually do, but the 50 mm photo still appears much closer.  The bokeh a.k.a. blur for the 50 mm lens is amazing, but I had to switch back to the 18-55 mm lens to keep my baby bump series consistent.  Here's a comparison of similar shots taken with the two different lenses.

The detail is great in both photos, but see how blurry the bed and rug are in the 50 mm photo?!  I love photos that look like this--super crisp subject, blurry background.  I have to admit though that the comparison isn't totally fair here.  The 18-55 mm photo was taken at night, and the 50 mm photo was during the day, which is why the colors are off even though I'm wearing the same thing and standing in the same area.  I attempted to cover up my lack of ability to adjust the colors by going black and white, but sadly my Photoshop skills are about as good as my photography skills.  Both still need work.

So anyway, back to Valentine's Day.  My mom was in Tulsa running errands, so my dad drove over for dinner, and we all met at my house.  We ordered takeout from John's favorite Chinese place, Kit's Takee-Outee, and then I put both of my parents to work ;)  Dad helped John troubleshoot the dryer (See "C" is for Clogged Vent), and mom and I worked on the nursery.  Not exactly a romantic way to spend Valentine's Day, but I do enjoy spending time with family, and I really appreciated the help with our household projects.  Thanks, mom and dad!

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  1. That sounds like the perfect vday, especially when a new lens is involved! lol!


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