Monday, April 19, 2010

"C" is for Compost

We got a flier in the mail last month announcing April 17-18 as free "dump" days in Tulsa.  Since we completed the landscaping project mentioned in this post last year, we had leftover rocks, along with a few pavers, bricks, and a very heavy table the previous owners left in the backyard.  A free dump day sounded like the perfect opportunity to get rid of all our junk, so we loaded up both SUVs and headed to north Tulsa.

Waiting in line at the landfill.  Although there were a hundred or so cars between us and the actual dump site, the whole process was very efficient.


This guy is going the wrong direction.  I think he forgot to dump his couch and smoking truck into the landfill.

Before we left the house looking for adventure at the landfill, I checked the city of Tulsa's website for the address and hours of operation, and I noticed a link to a Greenwaste site.  In addition to having four free dump days each year at the landfill, Tulsa residents can dispose of tree limbs, grass clippings, and leaves year round at no cost at Greenwaste.  Greenwaste also offers free wood chips for mulch and free wood for cutting firewood.  Did I mention it was free?!

Watching the worker move wood chips to the big pile

Loading our FREE mulch into the car.  This pile is huge, and there were probably 10 more at the site.

We'll be visiting Greenwaste again next weekend, so we can finish the flower beds at the house. 

Thanks, city of Tulsa.

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