Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"C" is for Constitution

Today I exercised my constitutional right to vote. This is the first time I've voted in OK, since I moved back here. Slacker...I know, but I kept my VA drivers license until after I was married.

I actually read up on the 11 (yes 11!) state questions on the ballot for this election. One really jumped out at me. Here's the plain language version of State Question 746.

SQ 746 - Showing voter ID at the polls. 
Requires each voter to present a current photo ID issued by a state, federal or tribal government – or a voter ID card issued by the County Election Office -- prior to casting a ballot. Anyone without an ID can sign a sworn statement swearing to his or her identity and cast a provisional ballot. 

Now why in the world wouldn't ID be required to vote?  When I walked up to sign my name on the books at the polling place, I had to wait for the person in front of me to sign.  I could clearly read most of the the names on the list.  What if someone showed up and used my name?!  I can only imagine the fraud possibilities.  Thank goodness SQ746 passed with 75% support. Looks like I'll be showing my drivers license to vote next time.

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