Friday, January 14, 2011

"C" is for Completed Tasks

We kicked off the new year with a bang and made some serious progress on household projects after we returned from vacation.  Here are our 11 completed tasks for 2011:

1. Toilet fixed.  This leaky thing had me losing sleep at night.  $3 and a few minutes of TLC was all it needed.  Thanks, John!

2.  Light bulb replaced over toilet.  I couldn't reach it, even on the step stool, and I can't lift the 50+lb, 22' ladder anymore.  Another John project: done.

3.  Hole in wall patched.  I'll spare you the story about how mad I was about the leaky toilet and burned out lightbulb.  (That poor toilet paper holder...)

4.  Shelves and cabinet doors installed above toilet.  This is a project we started last January.  We have a TON of storage in a tiny area now, and, most importantly, the medicine cabinet is out of Tully's reach.  John is 3 for 3.

5. Drapes hung in office

6. Drapes hung in master bedroom (Could someone please come steam all my drapes now?  The wrinkles aren't falling out on their own.)

7. Family photos hung in hallway.  The collage has officially started.  Two years down, many more to go!


8. Installed magnetic door stops.  We have two doors that liked to close themselves.  $12 later and my door problems were solved.  Ashley 2.  Doors 0.

9.  Organized hall storage closet.  Put away Christmas decorations and moved garage sale items from closet to boxes in garage.  I really hope the neighborhood garage sale isn't in April when Tully is due, so I can participate this year.  My mom and I both have lots of stuff to sell (again). 

10.  Fixed miscellaneous broken items in house like large wall art hanging in bathroom and wooden blinds throughout house.  Everything is functional for now, but I feel like our house is a never-ending project.  (I can only imagine what John thinks about my honey-do lists.)

11. Organized hardware and tools.  This project totally surpassed all of my OCD hopes and dreams.  We sorted tools to make primary and secondary toolkits for upstairs and downstairs and sorted hundred of nuts, bolts, nails, screws, and other miscellaneous hardware into plastic bins.  Oh happy day.


  1. Oh my goodness! You guys are good! I'm impressed with the tool sorting!! I need your help!! :)

  2. Wow! I'm impressed...and apparently need to get busy on my own fix-it projects! lol! I love the drapes in both rooms!!


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