Monday, December 20, 2010

"C" is for C25K Week 4 Repeat

I killed it this week doing C25K.  Well...I know "killed it" is a relative term: I didn't finish a marathon, and I didn't set any world records.  But I did set new Personal Records (PRs) for distance and pace thanks to my awesome husband!  We had some great workouts last week, so I'm hoping to carry the momentum through the holidays this week.  We're headed to Colorado to visit friends, but apparently I will have access to a gym.  John's going skiing, and I plan to make the most of my down time by working out.  And for anyone reading this and thinking, "She's crazy for running while pregnant," you can rest assured that a) My physician is aware of it and b) I'm exercising in moderation.  There's a good reason I keep track of those "bpm" numbers listed below.  I've been listening to my body to know how hard to push and when to rest, and my heart rate monitor confirms that I have a pretty good feel for 75% of my max heart rate, as shown by the 14x bpm numbers I put up week after week.  My range is 125-163 bpm with a target of 144 bpm.

Here's last week's summary for C25K.

3:00 jogging
1:30 walking
5:00 jogging
2:30 walking
3:00 jogging
1:30 walking
5:00 jogging

Total Distance: 7.5 miles (+ 5.3 from previous week)
Average Distance: 2.5 miles (+ 0.3 from previous week) PR
Longest Distance: 2.53 miles (+ 0.33 from previous week) PR
Average HR: 143-145 bpm
Average Pace: See "C" is for C25K Week 1 PR

Moving on to Week 5 of the program.

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