Monday, December 13, 2010

"C" is for C25K Week 4

3:00 jogging
1:30 walking
5:00 jogging
2:30 walking
3:00 jogging
1:30 walking
5:00 jogging

Total Distance: 2.2 miles (- 4.5 from previous week--oops!)
Average Distance: 2.2 miles (- 0.02 from previous week)
Longest Distance: 2.2 miles (- 0.07 from previous week)
Average HR: 140 bpm
Average Pace: See "C" is for C25K Week 1

I have a thousand excuses for only running once this past week.  I'll give you two of them:
1) It's too cold to run at 6:30 am. (anything below 30 qualifies)
2) The wind has been out of control, and I mean patio-furniture-demolished, trash-from-neighboring-yard-in-our-yard, knocked-down-tiki-torches-everywhere out of control.

The good news is that I'm back on the running bandwagon, even if I'm doing another repeat week.  I set new PRs for both pace and distance already!

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